European Commission vs EP

Outgoing European Commision (EC) president Prodi says "Arrivederci", and new president Barroso is trying to get the go for his new commission. Although, the European Parliament (EP) looks like wants to say something about the commission composition. It's not just an opinion, the EC needs EP approval for getting in charge.
Barroso's commissioner-designate list got into some trouble and discussions (1, 2, 3).

Are all those Good or Bad news?

What I find very interesting, is that it looks like EP is really discussing about SOMETHING and all europeans can someway partecipate into the discussion (or at least have common visibility of that discussion). And that is good.
Barroso most probably did not list people nice to him, rather politicians indicated by states, which in the whole forms a reasonable political-equilibrium. The EP finally started talking about CONTENT, and that is what really cares to european people. All of them.

EP vs EC, what if... Barroso commission does not get enough votes?

Last note: Probably Barroso will eventually succeed, though from now on (hopefully) the EC have millions of european eyes looking at them.


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