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Wow !!!

Some homepages of people I met or I'd like to meet, my best and worst friends, some good collegues, someone I learned from, someone who learned from me,   etc... So, whoever I have his/her web-address...[Actually I just want  this list here for myself, but you are free to have a look to these pages, of course] 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes)  (in random order) 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Antonio Scaglione  16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Stefano Bellino.16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Giancarlo Rossi 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes)  Steven Goldfarb 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Eric Myers 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) Charles Severance 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes)  dott.Alf Mar 16dot5c.gif (335 bytes) etc...etc...

If you want appear (...or disappear) from the list above, please send me an e-mail. 


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